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A Year in the Life

Updates on professional life:

Currently I am a permanent full time employ at Van De Walle Associates.

Also, yesterday (Saturday the 23rd) I took my 4th ARE - Building Systems.

I have since my last post taken Site Design and passed, as well as having gained my LEED GA credential.

Also, I've finished well over half of my CORE IDP hours, and am almost halfway done with all my requried hours.

I did make it on the Events Center Design Commitee, but that was a bit of a bust.  Mainly just the the City's attempt at due diligence as we nodded "yes" to whatever KH had already designed.

Today I e-mailed the man in charge of SD tech. cert. board to see if I can get my licensure info switched from Iowa to South Dakota (so that my base license will be in South Dakota rather than Iowa).  Anyone know if this is a thing?

If anybody reads this... I'd like to start taking up some topics to discuss about the built environment of our fair city (Sioux Falls).  Whether it is about recent large projects (i.e. like my posting about the events center last year) or about other city/building design/planning oriented topics.  Give me some ideas.  Help me brainstorm.  I already have a few ideas, and, as I wait for the results of my latest ARE... before I start studying for the next one, I'll see if I can fine some time to discuss things that pertain to the built enviornment.

Okay, laterz. 


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