Architecture is primarily about problem solving.  Complex problems or constraints require complex solutions.  Architectural solutions, then, never have a right answer or, inversely, a wrong answer, but always an answer that is better than another.

As a science, Architecture has practical implications within structure, materiality, assembly, and systems.  As an art, it employs design principles that directly affect the human experience of the building and design.  This human element, within the realist confines of the physical world, is what I am most concerned with.

As constructors of environments, Architects have a responsibility to all aspects of that environment.  LEED, while a positive program, should not be the end goal.  The nurturing and harmony of our environment should be the goal, and I agree with LEED as a means to this end, not as a marketing strategy.

Even though I have my M. Arch degree, I don't believe education ends when you leave school.

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