Here we go again...

It's been a while since I've been on here, but that just means things are great and fast paced.  Back in November I accepted a position at TSP Inc. in Sioux Falls as an Architectural Graduate.  Since joining that team I've had the chance to work on projects from simple warehouse additions in Minnesota to multi-million dollar hospitals in Charlotte, NC.

I almost finished my ARE, but unfotunately failed my last one (I took it back in November as well).  Thus, I've had to wait a long six months to retake it, but I now have it scheduled for June, not too long after I return from an Italian vacation.  If I pass this one, I'll host a big party for sure.

Anyway, that's all I have time for right now.  I'd say the usual mumbo jumbo about how I want to start writing in here more, but we all know that won't happen... or will it??  Hrmm....


A Year in the Life

Updates on professional life:

Currently I am a permanent full time employ at Van De Walle Associates.

Also, yesterday (Saturday the 23rd) I took my 4th ARE - Building Systems.

I have since my last post taken Site Design and passed, as well as having gained my LEED GA credential.

Also, I've finished well over half of my CORE IDP hours, and am almost halfway done with all my requried hours.

I did make it on the Events Center Design Commitee, but that was a bit of a bust.  Mainly just the the City's attempt at due diligence as we nodded "yes" to whatever KH had already designed.

Today I e-mailed the man in charge of SD tech. cert. board to see if I can get my licensure info switched from Iowa to South Dakota (so that my base license will be in South Dakota rather than Iowa).  Anyone know if this is a thing?

If anybody reads this... I'd like to start taking up some topics to discuss about the built environment of our fair city (Sioux Falls).  Whether it is about recent large projects (i.e. like my posting about the events center last year) or about other city/building design/planning oriented topics.  Give me some ideas.  Help me brainstorm.  I already have a few ideas, and, as I wait for the results of my latest ARE... before I start studying for the next one, I'll see if I can fine some time to discuss things that pertain to the built enviornment.

Okay, laterz. 



Continued Success.

Found out Monday I passed my Schematic Design ARE.  This is not challening enough, so I plan to study for LEED GA and Site Planning ARE at the same time.  Also crossing my fingers that the next month(s) may result in my permancy at work.

In other news, KH has taken over my Google Earth project.  Apparently they've been working on this for the past 5 years and just "donated" their whole model of SuFu to the Google Earth community.  All my buildings have been replaced aside from VA's office and Hamburger Inn (as well as a couple of others).  

I'm getting bored with the look/purpose of my site, so a change may be in order sometime soon.  Stay tuned.



Received a bit of mail yesterday.  I passed my first ARE - Structural Systems.  Now I need to figure out which one to take next... probably before I go to Hawaii... that way I can study on the flight over.  Also, I am enjoying this architecture thing more and more every day.

Other news - I recently applied for the Events Center design detail comittee.  Even though I don't agree with the site (the vote was obviously a yes), I feel like I should be involved in some way.  I will find out sometime after the 15th of January.  Here's hopin'.


DTSF taking shape

Long overdue, but my WashPav model has made it onto Google Earth.  The roof texture is a bit messed up - don't know why, but it works (for now).  My current project is the Chevy building (300 S Main) that VanDeWalle Associates restored for a local law firm.  Unfortunately I have misplaced my camera's USB and the SD port on my laptop is not working.  We'll see if I can eventually resolve this.